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12 October
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Hi everyone. My name is Malisa. I'm not really much of a blogger but I love to post my Sims 2 stories. This is why this live journal account exists. I am currently working on a legacy story, The Charles Legacy which is a story based around the lives of a fictional sim family, the Charles. I am hoping to reach generation ten of the legacy and maybe write another sim story that isn't too legacy-ish. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them and taking pictures for them. I'm always willing to improve and learn so if any of you have any constructive criticism to give to me, do not be afraid to do so. I am currently in University, have a part-time job and hold a few commitments. This means that I might not always have time to update my stories. I apologise in advance if I do end up taking long breaks in between the posting of two segments/parts/chapters. You are all welcome to friend me but please note that I do not friend people only because I find the friend list function very useless due to the fact that my friend list is almost like "The Legacy Challenge" community. I will check out your blog however. (The one person on my friend list was only added because at the time, I was new to live journal and thought that to approve a person as a friend, you had to add them back. I can't bring myself to take her off now.) Anyways, have fun reading my blog. x